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Ellipse IPL Thread Vein Removal

The face has an extensive network of veins and tiny blood vessels called capillaries. Over time, aging, traumas, sun exposure, and certain lifestyle factors cause many them to break or become enlarged or twisted appearing as red streaks or blotches on the face. They are also known as spider veins, broken veins or telangiectasia. Broken veins and Capillaries on the face do not hurt, and they are not dangerous or life-threatening, but they can certainly affect appearance and your self-esteem.

They can make the face appear slightly bruised and cause you to look older than you are. These broken blood vessels are likely to get worse over time if left untreated.

IPL therapy can eliminate damaged veins and capillaries by removing virtually all traces giving the skin a clearer fresher complexion.

Thread veins can be caused by numerous factors. These elements and more could contribute to the appearance of thread veins.

What causes thread veins?

  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Extreme Temperatures or wind
  • Oestrogen replacement therapy
  • Heredity
  • Trauma
  • Rosacea ( Rosacea, a common skin condition triggering facial redness from a combination of bumpy skin, pimples and broken capillaries  – See our specialist Rosacea Clinic)

Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.

- Renée Rouleau

How Does Thread Vein Removal Work?

You are required to have a consultation and patch test done before you proceed with this treatment which takes approx. 30minutes to discuss every aspect of the treatment and run through pre-and post treatment care.

Your 1st appointment lasts from 15 – 30 minutes depending on the areas to be covered. In general, you may require between 2- 5 sessions depending on the severity of your thread veins. Sessions should normally be spaced out about 4 weeks apart if more than 1 is needed.

The cost of Thread Vein Removal starts from €80.

Follow up sessions: Thread veins cannot be cured; therefore, we advise patients to have a maintenance appointment, between 4-6 months after their last treatment

How Should I Prepare For Treatment?

  • Do not use ant-inflammatory medications including aspirin and ibuprofen for at least 7 days before your treatment
  • Do not smoke for at least 2 hours before your treatment as it affects the haemoglobin and dilation of capillaries
  • Do not sunbath 30 days before or after the treatment
  • Do not use sunbeds
  • Avoid using self-tanning products on the area to be treated for at least 3 weeks before hand
  • Prepare your skin with an Image Lightening serum and Broad-Spectrum SPF pre-and post treatment. We may also recommend homecare products to ensure sustained long-term results.

Treatment Options


Telangiectasias, also known as spider veins or angioectasias, are small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin or mucous membranes, measuring between 0.1 and 1 mm in diameter. They commonly occur on the face, nose, chin, and cheek.

Spider Nevi

Also known as spider angiomas or spider telangiectasias are normally caused by a swollen vertical vessel with smaller horizontal vessels extending from the centre making it look like a spider’s web.