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Luxurious Treatment Set – Normal to Dry Skin


50% off Vit A Serum 

RRP if bought separately €135.00. Maximise your skincare regimen with this advanced skincare kit. Use the Vit C for a burst of hydration and antioxidant protection in the morning and power up your skin in the evenings with the Vit A serum. For a mid week exfoliation use the mask to gently remove dead skin cells and reveal a healthy glow.

Skin Type: Dry, Combination, Normal

Skin Conditions: Acneic, Ageing, Congested, Dehydrated, Dry, Hyperpigmentation, Photo-damaged, Rosacea Affected Skin, Sensitive


Kit Contains

Vit C (Vitamin C Prevent Serum – C Formula) – 50ml
A powerful antioxidant serum that helps to protect and prevent the visible signs of ageing and environmental damage. Packed with a stable oil soluble vitamin C which is essential for promoting collagen production, lightening hyperpigmentation as well as brightening the skin’s complexion. A nourishing formula that enhances your skin’s natural radiance.

Vit A (Vitamin A Restore Serum – A Formula) – 30ml
This powerful combination of Retinol and Tocopherol stimulates your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, increases moisture levels, reduces and prevents hyper-pigmentation, reduces oil production and regulates the skins natural exfoliation process. Visible results include improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin firmness, more even skin tone and texture and an increase in skins plumpness.

Mask (Exfoliator – 2N1 Formula) – 30ml
An ultra hydrating mask containing fruit enzymes. Gently exfoliates to remove build up of dead skin cells and adds essential antioxidants to improve general skin health. Perfect for all skin types and rosacea affected skin. Nourishing active ingredients promote a healthier, more radiant appearance. Should be gradually built for more regular use.

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