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How to proceed with an online skincare consultation or review.

1. Purchase online skincare consultation from product section on website. Make sure you include your e-mail address and phone number: https://valerieosborne.com/product/online-skincare-consultation/

2. You will be emailed a link to fill out an online skincare consultation form - you must take your time and give as much detail as possible about any past or present issues, medication, lifestyle, current products and routine so I can build a full picture of what your main concerns and goals are.

3. Once submitted you will have to take close up photos of your skin in good natural light with no makeup, spf or product on the surface an e-mail to address provided.

4. I will review all information received and arrange a time to call to fully discuss all your skincare concerns and goals – calls usually take approx. 40 minutes so please ensure you are free when scheduling call time.

5. I will put together a be-spoke homecare plan for you with links to every product recommended and detailed descriptions on how to use and when to use: AM/ PM/ Weekly routine.
If Retinol / Vitamin A / AHA’s / BHA’s have been recommended I will also send you my specific step up guide with detailed explanations on the active ingredients and how to incorporate them into your routine safely and effectively to ensure the best possible results.

I take a full 360 aproach to skin health and also work with Nutritionist, when treating inflamatory skin conditions I find this works very well – I will also provide you with her notes on nutrition for skin health. If you need to be refered to a dermatologist I will also say so.

Terms & Conditions
The €100 consultation fee is fully refundable if you are purchasing products to the value or over €250 from either Valerie Osborne or Elysium websites

You will be sent a cupon to use online or refunded €100 from online purchases if this is the case.