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Targeted Solutions – the MAX™ wrinkle smoother with patented MICROBURST TECHNOLOGY

Groundbreaking serum with wrinkle-fighting peptide, high-tech lifting polymer and plant stem cell technology that will help combat the appearance of wrinkles.

Each microdroplet is masterfully engineered to provide purity & potency. Paraben free

Acetyl hexapeptide-1 – A wrinkle-fighting peptide that targets wrinkle formation pathways to help defend against visible expression lines

Sweet iris- An aromatic sacred plant that is shown to help firm and boost the appearance of lax skin

Casalpina spinosa fruit extract & red algae extract- a unique plant-derived polymer that creates an invisible, mesh-like network to visibly reinforce and lift the skin.

Microburst technology- Thousands of small visible spheres of oil suspended into a clear gel that burst into the skin to seal the powerful effect of Botox®-like ingredients upon application

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