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Yon-ka Anti Aging Collection ( valued at €93.50, save €18.50)


Yon-ka Anti Aging Collection contains:

Phyto 52 40ml

Firming – Vivifying. This refined, fast-absorbing cream has a powerful rosemary base that restores firmness and exygenates to tone the skin, shape the face, invigorate the complexion and spread its phyto-aromatic effects throughout the body.

Essential ingredients – rosemary, beech bud peptides, hazelnut oil, aloe vera, begetable glycerin, Yon-ka Quintessence.

Alpha Contour 15ml

With precise doses of fruit acids, this two-in-one renewing gel hydrates the skin around your eyes and lips. Alpha-Contour gives you a lovely fresh feeling, gently renews cells and visibly smooths wrinkles and fine lines. Your eyes will look lifted, younger and more alive.


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Brand:Yon Ka

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