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Adult Acne & Post Acne Scar Clinic

Just because your teenage years are over, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re done with acne. Many people in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s still experience acne. One benefit of getting older, however, is the wisdom of skin care. Throughout all those years and after baskets full of creams, ointments, and even prescription products, you may finally be getting to know the skin you live in and how it wants to be taken care of. But no matter the number of products you use, there are still some acne triggers that are hard or even impossible to prevent. If you want to talk with a reliable skincare therapist who will be able to steer you in the right direction, feel free to book in for a consultation with Valerie on 091556846. In the meantime, here are some of the biggest causes of adult acne.

Recommeded Treatments

  • Look for the right ingredients: When fighting acne, it’s all about the ingredients in the product.
    • Salicylic acid, or beta-hydroxy acid, exfoliates the skin to unclog pores.
    • Benzoyl peroxide works to kill acne-causing bacteria.
    • Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin to right acne and wrinkles.
    • Retinol is a type of Vitamin A which promotes collagen growth, but needs to be introduced slowly and built up under supervision of a specialist.
  • Exfoliation: Many of the ingredients above work as an exfoliant, so you probably picked up on how important exfoliating is. Just be careful with how often you do it and follow the advise of a trusted skincare specialist – do not just walk in a buy from the shelf.
  • Treating scars: Many topical products won’t remove scars, but you can’t talk to Valerie with regards to peels, light therapy, micro-needling and IPL Skin rejuvenation. You may need a combination of these treatments over a period of time.

Treatments for Acne and Post Acne Scaring include

Active Acne:

  • Dermalux LED Light Therapy
  • Customised Peels
  • Specific Homecare plan to actively treat the skin

Post Acne Scarring:

  • Micro-needling
  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation
  • Dermalux Light Therapy
  • Customised Peels
  • Specific Homecare treatment plan

Let's get serious about your skin.

In order to create the perfect skincare plan to address your specific needs, a thorough skin consultation is essential.  Your first visit will always start with a consultation taking 30–40 minutes.  As well as in-depth skin analysis, we will also discuss home care, nutrition and lifestyle. This allows us to create a bespoke home care and treatment plan to achieve your ultimate skin health.

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